Archives of past Video Recordings

DATE TOPIC Presenter(s) Link to the Video
April 11, 2024  Technology and Engine Oil:
 50 years of Mobil 1
 David Swain
 Mobil 1 Grassroots Motorsports Coordinator
 Technology and Engine Oil
February 10, 2022  The Internet Archive  Anne Delong  The Internet Archive
January 13, 2022  My Favorite Android Apps  Bill James  My Favorite Android Apps
December 09, 2021  Is Cyber Security Really Important?  Bob Gostischa  Is Cyber Security Really Important?
November 11, 2021  Using the Bitwarden Password Manager program  John Kennedy  Using the Bitwarden Password Manager program
October 14, 2021  What’s Cookin’? Home Automation for your Kitchen  Judy Taylour  Home Automation for your Kitchen
 A Chat with Judy Taylour    A Chat with Judy Taylour
September 09, 2021  Protect Your Money  Christine Allum  Protect Your Money
August 12, 2021  Other Social Media Platforms  Fred Fernbach  Other Social Media Platforms
July 08, 2021  Online Genealogy  Anne Delong  Online Genealogy
June 10, 2021  Raspberry Pi - As easy as PI?  Peter Camilleri  Raspberry Pi
May 13, 2021  Microsoft Reactor  Fred Fernbach  Microsoft Reactor
March 11, 2021  VRX Simulators: Bringing Virtual Reality to Real Life  Robert Stanners, Danny Wilchesky, Alex Halinski  VRX Simulators
February 11, 2021  QR Codes - What They Are and How to Use Them  Anne Delong  QR Codes
 Questions and Answers    Community Chat
January 14, 2021  How to Get Involved in Data Privacy Day 2021  Jennifer Cook, NCSA Director of Marketing and Communications,
and Leah DeLancey, Programs and Events Coordinator.
 Privacy Day January 28, 2021
 Questions and Answers    Community Chat
November 12, 2020  Open Discussion about Bugs, Computer Hobbies  Fred Fernbach  Discussion Videos
October 08, 2020  Creating Collaborative Video and Music Remotely  Anne Delong  Collaborative Video
 Bug Session and Community Chat    Bug Session
September 10, 2020  Monarch Butterflies - Metamorphosis and Migration  Jim and Sheila Ellis  Butterfly Tracking
April 09, 2020  Raspberry Pi  Ken Gardner  Raspberry Pi
March 12, 2020  Git and Git Hub  Peter Camilleri  Git and Git Hub
November 09, 2017  HDTV Home Run  Jason Arneaud  PLEX TV Media Server
March 09, 2017  Introduction to the Tools and Techniques of Car Hacking  John Kost  Automobile Hacking
January 13, 2011  Social Media Networking  Jeff Gunn  Candle Lanterns

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