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Canada - True North, Strong and Free canleaf

Canada: Facts from the Files of the C.I.A.

Here's the CIA World Factbook page on Canada. Everything from geographical stats, to the government code (CA), and an economic overview. canleaf

CanadaInfo canleaf

Over 200 pages of information about Canada - its government, history, facts, people, security, geography, provinces, symbols and more. Browse through statistics, maps, and photographs and then choose from dozens of fact sheets to download to your computer.

Canada Online from canleaf

The Canada Page canleaf

This site offers information on Canada's leaders, geographics, and other Canadian stuff.

Canada's Digital Collections canleaf

Canadian Geographic Online canleaf

See the splendor and fascination of Canada unfold through the award-winning articles, detailed cartography and breath-taking photographs as found in each issue of the online archives of this well-known magazine.

Canadian History Time Line canleaf

Canada's history is as complex as any other, and those who study it need lots of resources. This time line links major historical events to Web pages that provide detailed information. This page lists resources that have a wide scope.

Canadian Information by Subject canleaf

An extensive listing of various subject links, presented by the National Library of Canada. canleaf

Find anything anywhere in Canada. Just enter your search parameters: business search, people, reverse lookups, traffic & maps.

Dialogue Canada canleaf

a non-partisan, independent, charitable organization, to engage Canadians in a lively and passionate dialogue about what it is to be Canadian.

Information on British Columbia, Canada canleaf

The National Atlas of Canada canleaf

This is the place to go for facts on Canada, and maps (physical, historical, human and reference).

Geographical Names of Canada canleaf

When we use maps we expect the names to help us identify features of the landscape, and perhaps even to throw light on the local history of an area. In Canada, names on official, federal government maps have been authorized through the Geographical Names Board of Canada (GNBC).

Great Canadian Parks canleaf

If you are planning to visit parks in Canada, this site will help you organize your journey, as well as provide you with an appreciative understanding about what you will find when you get there.

Media Room canleaf

from the department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada.

Tour Canada From Space canleaf

Click on an area of Canada and get an enlarged radar image, as well as basic geographical text information.

The Weather Office canleaf

The official in-depth place to go for weather reports supplied by Environment Canada.



Antartica - The Seventh Continent


Europe Search

Index on Africa

North America

NSRC Antarctica

South America

The WWW Virtual Library: International Affairs Resources -Africa



Countries of the World Webring

Countries That No Longer Exist

Foreign Government Resources on the Web

Online Books: Country Studies

Political Resources on the Net

Worldwide Governments on the WWW


Atlantis: The Lost Continent

The Blue Balloon Travel Site

Tales from six months as backpackers through six countries on three continents. Visit India, Nepal, Thailand, China, the US, and Brazil.

Camelot International: The History of the World

The CIA's World Factbook



National Geographic Map Machine

National Geographic Online

The world unfolds through the award-winning articles, detailed cartography, and breath-taking photographs as found in each issue of the online archives of this well-known magazine.

Spacepix - A New Perspective

World Nations

Compare, rank, and summarize all the countries of the world.

The compilers of this list have tried to include local area (Durham Region, Ontario) and other Canadian websites, but not exclusively. We welcome any suggestions concerning related websites: please send your list to Allan Francis , including the sites' titles, the sites' URLs, and your recommendations for categories/subcategories.

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