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May 06, 2024
by Dan Delong


Procrastinators need help, and so do creators. Keyboarding tasks are often interrupted for no good reason, other than some 'push notifications' or e-mail notices, which are hard to ignore.

[Curses on the guy who invented "infinite scrolling"!]

Staying on task can be solved by turning off all on-screen distractions. FocusWriter does this by providing a clean slate, along with helpful 'joggings'. FocusWriter is a full-featured word processor, without a user interface (until you move the mouse to a screen edges).


[This is not to say you'll be locked out of any other apps / tabs, since ALT-Tab still works for accessing open windows.]

Spell checking is included, along with interesting themes, statistics, timers, goal setting, and sound effects (to imitate typing). The default document saving format is Open Document Text (.odt) the same as Libre Office. Work is auto-saved... not sure how often. Other common saving formats are included.


Those who set long term writing goals, say for journal writing, script writing, or blogging, can set up a daily progress calendar, as shown below.


Figure 1: Image borrowed from the author's web page.

Graeme Gott, the author, is an independent, open source programmer, who has created many other programs... including games. It appears that he wrote FocusWriter as an aid not only to himself, but for his novelist wife, whose books are featured on his blog, along with his program updates.

Microsoft warns against any installers it does not recognize; this one appears safe to install.



System requirements:

Platform: Windows 64-bit installer, also a portable version, along with Linux, and the source code

Version: 1.8.7

Language: English, and many more languages

Download Size: 48.6 MB installer, 62.3 MB portable, 48.6 MB Linux, 10.6 MB source code

Installed Size: 220 MB for the Windows10 64-bit installer

Licence: FREE (donor ware)


Download Site here.