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April 11, 2024
by Dan Delong

VidMasta - access to publicly available movies and TV shows

Although VidMasta has been available since 2016, this download appears to be an updated version, leaving users to decide if they should be using an app like this, since there are no claims to compensate the public sources involved in providing content. After using VidMasta to watch some Ghostbusters and Shogun material, a clickable pop-up link suggested the process could be streamlined for $ 99 USD. The free version works just fine.

Quote, "Watch or download movie and television titles in any format (TV, DVD, 720p, 1080i/p)..."
The "readme" file claims to make viewers anonymous, by filtering offerings for 'trustworthiness', and choosing the best source among many possible.

It will "Search for movie and television titles by name, release date, genre, rating, country, and language". Those using Windows XP and later, can integrate VidMasta with PeerBlock | Home, which appears to be a secure, subscription-based, filtering database.

During the install, it was made clear that Java would be required, so assume Java will be installed.
[My test system was a modest Win11 mini-computer. I did not try the Linux version.]

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I first tried the drop-down list of genres; there are many to choose from, as each genre offers dozens of popular titles, from movies to TV shows.

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Most choices first offer to show a short 'trailer', before clicking on a download choice.

Shogun (1980) was a long running television series, hence, the download file for it was rather large and required a wait period on my slower connection, before running in VLC to actually view it.

[I assume VidMasta decided VLC was my default viewer. It is, actually.]

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Play was smooth and in high resolution. As long as I waited for the download to complete (fully buffered), jumping forward and back in the timeline also worked well.

System requirements:

Platform: Tested on Windows 11

Version: 29.4

Download Size: 113 MB Windows, 49 MB for Mac / Linux / Window / Multi-platform

Installed Size: 57 MB

Licence: FREEware


Download Site here.