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October 29, 2023
by Dan Delong

Space Sniffer - portable hard drive visualiser

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Space Sniffer has, in the opinion of many reviewers, risen to the top in a list of hard drive visualizers, based on its speed, portability, user interface, and low overhead, along with other feature enhancements. Tree view of drive contents will be familiar, yet users may go beyond this view by isolating files as to type, age, size, and colours or user-added folder tags.

For example, a search string like this - *.jpg;>1mb;<3months;|:yellow - will yield jpegs that are under 1 megabyte in size and less than 3 months old, and are NOT yellow in colour on the tree map. Each of these commands may be used in isolation, or strung together, as in the above example.

Since a right click brings up the usual file explorer, for editing, changes to the files / folders are updated 'live'... such changes indicated by blinking the segments To delve further into folders, keep performing left clicks on those deeper folders. [Use Backspace to climb back out.]

Space Sniffer, unzipped, reveals a detailed PDF manual (with detailed instructions for even more features) and a handy Quick Start illustration.

Instructions indicate that Space Sniffer will also scan remote drives, possibly only those physically connected. This, I did not try.

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Now that I have Power Toys installed, a simple right click on the .exe file offers to run it as admin.

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This is a second scan of both drives, run as admin and not with filters.

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It looks like my laptop is not running out of space, but I should move some photos and videos to a backup location.

Drilling down to the actual image / video files (left clicks), allows running them, with one more double click.

System requirements:

Platform: Tested on Windows 2000 XP Vista 7 8 and 11


Download Size: 1.58 MB

Installed Size: 2.86 MB

Licence: FREEWare / DonationWare


Download Site here.