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June 14, 2023
by Dan Delong

DNS Benchmark by Gibson Research - locate a better DNS Resolver / DNS Nameserver

DNS Benchmark

Within minutes, this small assembly language program returns speed performance data, IP addresses, and the owner names (of your current look-up service (DNS Resolving Nameserver / s) and those that might be faster, in your physical area).

After a completed run, it offers to create a custom list of the top 50 DNS servers for you to try, as alternatives to those currently supplied by some advanced routers (as proxies), and by your current ISP (Internet Service Provider).

Reasons for changing:-

a) If you make an error in spelling a website name, the browser may not bring back the expected error message, or worse, it might redirect you to a commercial web$ite that you had no intention of visiting. Such sites may hold malware, or be involved in spoofing; that's, sites that look legit (like your bank) but are not genuine.

b) Also, any requests that increase 'ping' time (the time it takes for the browser to begin loading a requested content site on the web) could also be a problem. [However, once into the site, or when playing an online game, it should not be a problem, especially if connecting through large ISPs like Bell, Rogers, Telus, or even the smaller ISPs.]

DNS Benchmark

DNS Benchmark's post-test conclusions recommended that I change my DNS settings. However, my modern, ASUS ROG GT-AX11000 router seems unable, or unwilling, to make such changes. [I believe this router is one of the newer devices that kinda takes over DNS settings, such that ping times are minimized (a good thing), yet it still checks certain web destinations I go to with Trend Micro's servers (an included service) for safer browsing. In fact, the logs for this device indicate protection against numerous past attacks on my personal home devices.]

Decades ago, I recall changing my Nameservers / DNS resolvers to some Open DNS IP addresses, in order to achieve faster browsing. It is still possible to change name server addresses on a computer-by-computer basis, or for all the computers / devices on a local network (applies to some routers).

[Steve Gibson, the author of DNS Benchmark, reports that Open DNS, as of his last update in 2019, still allows redirects to sites that scoop up URL spelling errors. Perhaps this is no longer the case, since such sites are normally given a warning colour of  'orange'. (None were seen in my results.)]

'Green' indicates servers that are responding normally, while a filled-in green circle shows which server(s) is / are currently being used by your computer. An example of the bar graph results is shown below [for my Local Network Nameserver (as proxy IP controlled by my router).]

[Shorter bars are better than longer bars, on this graph; length indicating milliseconds to respond.]

DNS Benchmark

A better description of the colour codes used by DNS Benchmark are described at this link, and for a wider explanation of the test itself, use this link.

DNS Benchmark

Figure 1: Screen grabs of the four post-test tabs for my test results, aligned for comparison.

In the past, I have tried connecting a laptop directly to the cable modem, bye-passing the new ASUS router, in order to test ping times (using a popular speed test). Since results did not change / improve, I will trust that my high-end router is doing the best that it can.

[I was curious about one of the non-recommended IP addresses in this list (with black lettering) ( Who Is told me that it is a fibre optics company, owner of many thousand IP addresses, located on Cambridge, Ontario... an ISP selling dial-up, among other services, for about $6 per month in that area, and with access numbers throughout Canada. Unlimited Dial-Up Internet for Canadians (295.ca) In any case, 295.ca has quite fast nameservers, if you are one of their customer.]

System requirements:

Platform: Windows all and LINUX (Wine)

Version: April 21, 2019

Languages: English

Download Size: 160 KB - very small

Installed Size: no install - runs as a stand-alone .exe file

Licence: FREE


Download Site here.