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February 13, 2023
by Dan Delong

FlagFox - Locator for URLs

FlagFox URL Locator

Should you have any security concerns about the source for downloaded files, or for where your banking or cloud files are stored, this extension may be of interest.

FlagFox URL Locator

FlagFox URL Locator

FlagFox URL Locator

For example, I though my pCloud files were stored in Switzerland. FlagFox puts the web site hosting server at Luxembourg.
Last month, the Featured Software item was AIMP, which is Russian.
The Bank of Montreal hosts its website in New Jersey; the Toronto Star from an Amazon location in Kansas; as does the Ontario Government.
The Government of Canada website is hosted somewhere in Midtown Manhattan, by AKAMAI-AS.
I am curious as to why the Ontario Genealogical Society, which also uses a .CA domain extension, is hosted by Host Pappa (Belgium and New York), yet it gets a Canadian Geotool location from Cogeco-Peer1, Toronto.
I wondered why our own club's hosting location was getting a Firefox security warning. Is it because we are now hosted within APCUG, on a GoDaddy server in Ashburn, Virginia?
When I checked hosting for the Government of the UK (WWW.gov.uk), Geotool said Toronto (specifically, Orphan's Green, 51 Power St, Toronto, ON M5A 3A6). However, checking further with WhoIs, gave the domain granter as Fastly Inc., in San Fransisco. [This is not surprising, as this is the main body, selling domains.]
We seem to be more connected (especially to the U.S.) than I ever thought.

FlagFox URL Locator

Figure 1: AIMP.RU - Russian

FlagFox URL Locatorr

Figure 2: DPCUC on GO DADDY, via APCUG

FlagFox URL Locator

Figure 3: Bank of Montreal

Between Mozilla's access page for this extension, and the author's homepage, all needed information regarding this extension, its benefits, updates, screen grabs and customization, are included within these URLs.

FlagFox URL Locator

System requirements:

Platform: Windows, Android, Linux and Apple products running the Firefox browser.

Version: 6.1.59

Languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian and Chinese (and others)

Download Size: 953.06 KB

Installed Size: similar to the download size

Licence: FREE donor-ware


Download Site here.