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October 22, 2022
by Dan Delong

Microsoft PC Manager (beta) for Win 10 / 11

Microsoft appears to be working on a utility app with features similar to Ccleaner, and others, to save drive space, reduce CPU stress, and free up RAM. Although it is now uploaded to the Microsoft Store, the file is hidden, except for a Chinese language web page, which can be translated into English in order to click the 'historical' or current versions. The downloaded files will carry confusing extensions, like Unconfirmed 832365.crdownload. By renaming the file to have an exe extension, the installation will proceed.

Microsoft PC Manager

After installation you may see a Windows security pop-up, asking you to trust this installation (As seen in the black box of the next illustration). I checked the certificate from Microsoft; all seems in order. I installed the 5 MB file; the 18 MB file is likely the latest version... not yet tried (by me).

By clicking the BOOST button, all temporary files were automatically cleaned out, freeing some RAM.

Microsoft PC Manager

Health Check brings up a list of file areas to clean up and startup apps to disable. (All are optional.)

Microsoft PC Manager

Next is Storage Management, including an uninstaller, large files finder, and a way to automate freeing up space with Storage Sense.

Microsoft PC Manager

Note: In the screen grabs above, clicking on the 'gear' icon with bring up Settings for this program. I believe update notifications are not functional at this time.

The third and fourth items on the main Cleanup screen are Process Management and Startup Apps

Microsoft PC Manager

At the bottom of the main screen, the Security button leads to...

Microsoft PC Manager

One of the updates installed, while others did not; after all, this program is still in beta. I did not yet click on the Scan button because another review found doing so slowed his computer to a crawl, during the long, deep scan of his hard drives.

System requirements:

Platform: Windows 10 / 11


Download Size: 2.26 MB, 32bit and 64 Portable versions are 1.44 and 1.47 MB

Licence: FREE for now, and in upcoming updates to Windows


Download Site here A Chinese language web page, which must be translated into English.