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June 04, 2022
by Dan Delong

Honey View - a fast, option packed image viewer and converter.

Honey View

Honey View handles just about every image format around, including comic books and images within zip files or RAR archives. Some of the most common editing features for improving quality and orientation are included.

Honey View

Honey View

EXIF information appears as an overlay using the TAB key or mouse. Should the file include GPS coordinates, Honey View can open the location on Google Maps. If you come across a prized image, one click makes it your background.

The interface also includes direct movement of selected photos to other folders that you have set in preferences, along with opening a photo in an external editor that you have set in preferences.

Honey View

For older, lower powered computers, users reduce image quality in the display window for faster processing, aided by also caching the next image in line.

Honey View

Honey View

System requirements:

Platform: Windows XP through Win 10

Version: 5.48

Price: Free, with no ads

Language: English and many others

Download Size: 7.8 MB - installer OR 5.8 MB for the Portable .zip file


Download Site here.