Featured Software
June 03, 2022
by Dan Delong

AquaSnap is a neat windows arranger.


MS Windows natively offers some desktop window management, like snap-to-the side. AquaSnap does a lot more. Dragging a window to a corner snaps it to that corner, at a size equal to one fourth of the screen. Dragging to the side snaps to one half of the screen. That doesn't mean you can no longer resize each window; you can. You can also group windows, and stack them. If you drag a window into a niche beside / near other windows, it will 'magnetically' snap into place. You can also make a window transparent and still type into it. [See the lower illustration.]

Most of these actions simply involve holding down the CTRL key while using the left mouse button.

It is well worth it... to watch the short demo video, on the download site.


Those who use multiple monitors will be disappointed, as it does not support more than one monitor, in the free version.

AquaSnap was the only full featured and free utility from Nurgo Software, until this latest version; it will cost $ 30 USD to gain multi-monitor, minimize to tray, move ganged windows, tiling, and mouse shortcuts. The two others utilities from Nurgo Software are (TidyTabs and GameLib-Booster)... both offered in a free Lite version and a paid version.

System requirements:

Platform: Windows above XP (although an XP version link is still available)

Version: 1.23.14

Price: Free for personal use

Language: English

Download Size: 3.8 MB - as a .msi file OR 4.1 MB for the Portable .zip file


Download Site here.