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March 19, 2022
by Dan Delong


Recent Android phones are able to store a lot more information. Connect a USB cable to a computer in order to see and transfer files to / from the phone. Because there are so many files, finding specific files, or types of files, may require help from a program such as this.

Since the download is a zip file (32 bit or 64 bit), unzip it, and then run the exe.

MobileFileSearch's interface makes the contents of the Android phone/tablet searchable, based on fields like: size, date, type (wild cards accepted). Found files can be opened with a click, or copied / moved / deleted.

Command Line instructions are included on the download page.


[Note: My version of Android does not immediately offer to transfer files. I had to go to the phone's Settings... Connected devices... USB preferences... File transfer (for this device), but USB tethering may have worked just as well.]

MobileFileSearch's default search setting will find all files on the device, including hidden files and those on an SD card. Adjust the search fields to limit findings.


Notice: - Should the device have extra storage, or should two or more devices be connected at the same time, the search source can be selected. In this case, my Motorola phone [a moto g(8)plus] was selected.

Selected files can be exported as a spreadsheet friendly CVS file, including all columns and fields. This is a way to record search results in a familiar data format, or record all contents of the phone in the same format.


The View tab offers a Preview (for images), as seen in the example. If a preview is not available (for non-images), double click brings up Properties for the file.

System requirements:

Platform: Windows all, including both 32-bit and 64-bit versions

Version: 1.42

Price: FREE (donor ware)

Language: English and many others

Download Size: 76 KB

Installed Size: 200 KB


Download Site here. You have to scroll way down the page!