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January 20, 2022
by Dan Delong

Monitorian - adjust brightness of 4 monitors

Most external monitors can be adjusted, manually, with UP / DOWN buttons. The more recent screens are DDC / CI compatible, meaning that software can communicate with the monitor through VGA, DVI, HDMI connections, and sometimes Display Port on USB. [I was pleasantly surprised to find that Monitorian worked on my AOC, USB3, Display Port, external monitor.]

Until I used this program, I did not know just how bright or how dim these monitor setting would go - on a 0 to 100 scale. That ability alone, is worth the price of installation.

Gamers, or anyone using multiple monitors, may wish to use a single graphical interface for multiple screens (accessed from the Taskbar Tray). Other users may find the auto-adjusting characteristics of their desktop / laptop to be too extreme - either too dim, or too bright. Monitorian can override auto-brightness settings, while showing both the auto and the override setting locations on a 0 to 100 scale. (The brightness setting is shown on each, of up to four, monitors.)

This same program is offered for free in the Microsoft Store, as an app.
I declined to install Monitorian from the Store, as I did not need the extra features (command line operation and more than 4 monitors) nor did I fully understand the terms covering computer access permissions.

Supporting images are not needed for this review, since a visit to the GitHub Monitorian website has plenty of screen shots.

Windows computers may object to running the .msi installer, but go ahead anyway. The program will install in Program Files (x86)\Monitorian\ resulting in 23 files (fifteen of them languages).

When Monitorian was tested on an older Win10 desktop, with two monitors, the older Compaq monitor was not recognized, while the newer Samsung Syncmaster was. Why? Two way communication with your monitor must meet DDC/CI specifications. [Display Data Channel/Command Interface]

Samsung monitors may also use a free, proprietary, program for calibration - Magic Tune.

[Although Monitorian claims to control Contrast as well as Brightness, this option was not apparent for my monitors].

System requirements:

Platform: Windows 7 and above, with .NET 4.8

Version: 3.9.0

Price: FREE

Download Size: : 440 KB

Installed Size: 672 KB


Download Site here.