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November 27, 2021
by Dan Delong

WizFile - very fast search results

@Copyright 2021 All rights reserved - WizFile-01

During installation, you will be asked to confirm creation of some icons, for desktop, and for taskbar (None, Either, or Both).

By using the most recent Master File Table (MFT) hard drive information, on NTSF formatted drives, searches can be almost instantaneous. I can attest to this claim, as both the C: and D: partitions on my laptop were "instantly" searched, as I typed in the search characters!

Hovering over a result pops up the complete path name.

Wild card characters are supported, like: -

  • wh* for anything with "wh"
  • b?ll for a pattern with a b, any letter and two Ls.
  • b[ae]ll for just bell or ball
  • b[!ae]ll for NOT ball or bell, but bull or bill
  • "![a]*" finds all files but not those starting with a
  • b[a-c]d for bad, bbd ,or bcd
  • 1#3 for a numeral placeholder... looks for 103, 113, 123, and so on

Typing a string like this: - dpcuc>1g will find only those files named "dpcuc" that are greater than 1 GB.

Further built-in filters can be set for finding certain file types only, or a certain date range, or a file size range.

Searches begin as you type the first character.

A space between two search terms is treated as AND, while a pipe (|) character is treated as OR.

WizFile claims to use little RAM space or CPU time. As a program under development, expect the occasional update reminder. Page file RAM swaps keep RAM relatively free.

@Copyright 2021 All rights reserved - WizFile-02

Notice the use of the three filters, to find only images, that were of medium size, written in the last 30 days, and the drop-down Options menu.

The latest fixes are as follows: - WizFile 3.06 (26 November 2021)

  • Hovering over a file will now display full path name in status bar at bottom of screen as well as display the full name as a tooltip hint
  • Added new "folders" checkbox to make it easy to toggle folders on or off in the search results
  • Context menu when renaming a file did not close the first time after making a selection - fixed
  • Custom filter items for 3rd filter box were not being saved correctly - fixed
  • dragging / dropping files with names containing non ASCII characters would fail - fixed

System requirements:

Platform: Windows XP to Win 10

Version: 6.03

Price: FREE ($20 to remove donation button)

Download Size: 5 MB for the installer file - 7.5 MB for portable


Download Site here.