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October 22, 2021
by Dan Delong

DRPU Video Rotator

Video RotatorIf you never edit videos, or never use a phone to take videos, this software may not be for you. [DRPU Software, developer of this app, is located in India; they make a lot of other free apps.]

Figure 1: Head Office of DRPU, in India

Video Rotator is meant for those who want to fix the following issues:-

  1. tall cell phone videos that appear horizontally, when viewed on the Web
  2. wide cell phone videos that appear vertically, when viewed on the Web
  3. video conferencing videos that appear flipped horizontally - i.e.:- backwards printing of text
  4. a desire to change the video format (9 common formats are offered)
  5. a desire to replace the audio track on a video.
  6. a desire to increase the quality of video (not sure if it worked, noticeably)

Wrong orientation occurs during a recording or a live stream, when the person turns their phone 90 degrees during the recording. Yes, this sort of thing happens quite often.

[Most paid for video editors, including the free VLC program, can rotate videos, but not as conveniently as DRPU Video Rotator.]

To test this app, I took some phone video, starting with the vertical, then moving to the horizontal and back again. Rotation, by Video Rotator, to the left, took very little time, despite making a change from normal quality to medium quality (increasing the size of the video from 65 MB to 79 MB).

Video Rotator

The next logical editing step could have been included in this app but is not. That is an option for splitting the video in order to "split-out" the desired video segment. Fear not! DRPU offers another free app for splitting videos.

Video Rotator

Notice, in the first, default, screen, DRPU seems to be set to create a desktop folder for holding outputs. I immediately changed this to a newly created folder within the Videos Library, before using the program any further.

Also, when leaving / exiting this program, clicking on the obvious "OK" checked box will open up a website, instead of closing the program. This inclusion, by the developers, is for rating Video Rotator, and likely, for sending data back to DRPU. To avoid landing on this webpage, use the little X in the top right for exiting, instead.

Video Rotator

System requirements:

Platform: Windows all

Version: 2.2

Price: FREE

Download Size: 15 MB


Download Site here.