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August 02, 2021
by Dan Delong

Textify - for those uncopyable error messages.

Microsoft error messages often do not permit highlighting for copy / paste. Currently, I either hand copy the message or take a screen shot. Textify easily creates searchable text for copy / paste. That way, I can keep an accumulative file of all error messages, and steps taken to avoid them.

The default key operation for activation, if it interferes with other key combinations, can be changed. I changed mine to CTRL-right mouse, because the default wanted Shift and a middle mouse button, which my laptop did not have.


After install, you'll find the icon in the pop-up task bar, or as a desktop icon, if you chose to make one during the installation.


Since I was logged into my Google account in Firefox, Textify translated the English (white box) to English (blue box). If it had been in another language, translation would be from the other language to English. If you are not logged into a Google account, the program will offer to switch to Chrome, using that account. The Blog explains how to make sure Textify works in Chrome.

[The sample below is not actually an error message, but it behaved like one... no highlighting allowed!]


[ScanSnap (is a temporary folder for scans made with my Plustek scanner, a folder created when the drivers were installed), as you may have gathered, is a pop-up needing Textify in order to copy the text. This Plustek scanner has buttons on the side, for:- simply scanning, emailing directly, copying, filing, PDFing, etc. As a time saver, each button can be configured for each of these jobs.]

System requirements:

Platform: Windows all

Version: 1.83

Price: FREE

Download Size: 570 KB

Installed Size: 925 KB


Download Site here.