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April 09, 2021
by Dan Delong

PicPick Screen Capture

I seem to remember this same program title from back in the Windows 98 days, not as a screen capturer, but more for its ability to measure the dimensions of images and to copy hex colour numbers for use when designing web pages. This updated, version 5, of the program extends its capabilities to the point that PicPick seems to be the winner in the "grabber" category, although there are many contenders worthy of consideration. For example, my "grabber" of choice, for many years, has been "Shotty", and more lately "Greenshot". But, various Windows updates appear to have 'killed' some of its features, and Shotty has not been updated since 2011.

PicPick Screen Capture

As has happened to other champion freeware programs, like Paint.NET, entrepreneurs see the chance to make a buck on popular freeware titles, and somehow get their hooks into these potential money makers.[PicPick's paid version costs $ 30 USD, to rid the user of ads. Paint.NET keeps sending out unnecessary updates of the free version, while selling the annoyance-free version as a paid app in the Microsoft Store.]

PicPick Screen Capture

The first thing PicPick's installation file did was 'kill' the CTRL-SHIFT-S screen capture in Windows 10, then it gave a warning that the hot keys for capturing in older versions of Windows could not be registered - specifically Print Screen and Alt+Print Screen. It asked, "Do you want to change these hot keys?" while suggesting Dropbox or OneDrive might be currently in use. I clicked "No", resulting in a disabling of these hot keys. However, after re-starting the machine, these hot keys appeared to work again, yet the CTRL-SHIFT-S still would not [CTRL-S still saved browser pages as HTML files].

PicPick Screen Capture

[One of the default settings in PicPick, allows it to start with Windows. I suppose, unchecking this setting may return some functionality the Print Screen key, as long as PicPick is not active at the sametime.]

After knowing all of the above, I found PicPick to be so versatile, none of these annoying restrictions mattered. As you can see from the task bar icon pop-up, PicPick can do many things. The free version does not make it easy to understand how these captures work, without exploring Options.

Choosing Options will allow the appearance of a hot-keys settings window. I tried using one of the defaults to capture PicPick's own screens, to use as examples in this article. However, even changing the 'whole screen' capture setting to operate with an F2, would not allow capturing PickPick screens, themselves. Instead, the main Windows screen, in the background, was captured.

[However, Windows own app "Snip and Sketch" still works - Windows Key/Shift/S] Snip and Sketch also has its own mark-up editor.

PicPick Screen Capture

Since PicPick is so picky about not letting its own screens be captured, let it be known that its options and features are extensive and highly useful. Remember, various combinations of Shift/Ctrl/Alt can be set in the Options... Hot keys panel, for Full Screen, Active Window, Window Control, Region, Fixed Region, Freehand (any shape), Repeat Last. For cursor operations, a magnifier lets you be very exact. The same panel also allows for editing hot key settings, like: - Color Picker, Colour Palette, Ruler, Protractor, Crosshair, and Whiteboard.

PicPick Screen Capture

Captures can be saved in a variety of formats, including PDF, and formats like GIF and PNG, with transparent backgrounds. Also, a default saving location can be set, or a cloud saving location (FTP), with Save As, or automatic saves. Should you wish to use an alternate editing program, it also can be arranged.

PicPick Screen Capture

Personally, I will check the box for "Always copy captured image to Clipboard", simply because I am more familiar with other editing software and not yet familiar enough with the native PicPick editor (although it seems quite powerful). Most users may be quite happy with the drawing, cropping, effects, and photo editing filters already included.

System requirements:

Platform: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista and XP including both 32-bit and 64-bit versions

Version: 5.1.5

Price: FREE for personal use

Language: English and others

Download Size: 15 MB

Installed Size: 35 MB


Download Site here.