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March 01, 2021
by Dan Delong

CodeTwo - QR Code Desktop Reader and Generator

Anne, based on her research for the February 2021 presentation about QR codes, recommends this free Windows software. It does much more than just make and read QR codes.


As described by CodeTwo: "QR Codes may contain text, links (to websites, videos or files), email addresses, phone numbers, Vcards that automatically update your contacts on your PC or a mobile phone, and more."
[Note: Vcards are electronically transmissible contact attachments, containing personal information and may include a photo.]


Typically, we may use a smart phone to capture a QR code with a special app, which then sends us off to one of the locations described above. However, it's hard to find an app that does not include advertising.


CodeTwo Software Facebook link

Although this QR code reader can interpret codes in many ways: - on paper (using the web cam), from a display of the code on your computer screen, copied in the clipboard, or shown on a web cam. The only small glitch she could not solve was reading of a code displayed on the computer screen, unless it was placed in the top left of the screen. As long as the image can be place in that top left screen location, the software seems to be able to find it. This problem may have been fixed in a newer version.


In addition, after reading a code, this program will display the QR code's encoded text.


Figure 1: For personal use, this QR code maker / reader is free.

CodeTwo is located in Poland, and this is one of their many free programs.


System requirements:

Platform: Windows all versions


Price: FREE for personal use

Language: English and others

Download Size: 7.74 MB


Download Site here.