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February 19, 2021
by Dan Delong

PosteRazor - enlarged printouts

Although this title was last updated in 2008, I'm sure I used it back as far as 2003, for making very large printouts of class photos for a high school reunion. This newer version can also run in a browser, but the download files are still available.
[Just use the bottom link and click on downloads to gain access to all other versions.]

Poster printing has become more important during these pandemic times, as store fronts and public services are constantly posting important and timely messages. Commercial printers must be having a heyday, but they require lead time to do such jobs.

[As an aside: - Anne pointed out that this program can be used to print out a huge QR code, readable from a car at a safe distance from "the virus"!]

The Qt screen appears when the web browser is loading up and compiling the code, before entering into the program's typical GUI.

PosteRazor PosteRazor

Drawing 1: This is a QR image for downloading Libre Office, which I'm using to write this article. Libre Office can insert a QR code object, like this, for any URL you provide.

Using any typical household printer, capable of handling letter or legal paper sizes, any high resolution image can be enlarged by slicing it up and printing it on many sheets of paper, such that applying glue to just the blank margins/edges (reserved on two sides of these sheets for this purpose), allows you to carefully match them up. [Huge commercial billboards are made in this manner; they use extremely wide commercial printers.]

So as not to waste effort (and paper/ink), this program shows a preview of the every expected layout, before committing it to print. By changing the layout dimensions (measured by sheets, laid out in a table-like pattern), and, optionally, by rotating the image, almost all of the sheets can be filled with the enlarged image.

I tried the new web based interface, creating an 18 page blow-up from a wedding photo. The pink lines indicate where the glue strips would be. If they happen to run across areas of the photo you'd rather not be putting glue on, just resize / re-orient, or move the glue edges to a different corner.


The result will be saved under a default name in Downloads. In this case, it as an eighteen page pdf file.


[Should you wish to use a commercial service for posters, the "rEASYze" program from September 2020's featured software, can perform the enlarging, before sending off to the printer. Try it!]

System requirements:

Platform: All from XP to Win10, OSX, Linux, and a Web Browser

Version: 1.5.2

Price: Free

Language: English and others

Download Size: 483 KB


Download Site here.