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December 25, 2020
by Dan Delong

Power Toys for Windows 10

Power Toys

Although this version is called "Preview", sometimes meaning "beta", it is quite stable. Power Tools contains at least eight utilities... all quite useful. Many of them have been available in the past from third parties, or from Microsoft programmers themselves, as unofficial tweaks.

The laptop computer I am typing on, for this article, is an older HP, with a French / English keyboard (as were often inadvertently sold to many Canadian buyers). I find the left shift key, which I habitually use with my left "pinkie", to be too small on this keyboard, since this particular key has been split to allow one half to become a new key for switching between special characters. I'm frequently accidentally hitting it instead of the smallish left shift key.

Power Toy Number 5 is a Key Manager... just what I need to remap that extra key to become a left shift key extension.

Power Toys

[Remapping of this key worked, as long as Power Toys was set to run at start-up.]

An oddity of this, and other keyboards - it still goes into a strange mode occasionaly, making capital letters or other characters. Pressing Ctrl-Shift (either left or right, or both), often clears this up.

Power Toys

[The check mark for creating a desktop icon is not needed, since an icon will be added to the task bar anyway.]

The titles for these Power Toys utilities are:
1. Color Picker
2. Fancy Zones
3. File Explorer Add-ons
4. Image Resizer
5. Keyboard Manager
6. Power Rename
7. Power Toys Run
8. Shortcut Guide
9. Video Conference Mute (coming in experimental version 28)

The Power Toys Wiki provides a short, clear, explanation for each utility.
If your computer does not have the latest dotnet [/.NET] framework, the installer for Power Toys will install it first.

Power Toys

[Notice that checking for updates is available inside the interface.]

Better action key support is now included in the latest updates.
= for direct calculator
? for direct file searching
. for direct for applications
// for direct URL
< for running processes
> for shell processes

Power Toys

[Some example of quick-key commands.]

System requirements:

Platform: Windows 10 32 & 64-bit

Version: 0.27.1 Preview Edition

Price: Free

Language: English for sure

Download Size: 18.5 MB

Installed Size: 60 MB


Download Site here.