Featured Software
December 14, 2020
by Dan Delong

SupRemo - remote connect and transfer

Share a desktop with a remote computer or server, send files, chat, check for connectivity of other computers, and record usage stats. All common operating systems are supported.


Although I haven't used the program myself, our club members may be looking for such a free program, with such useful features. SupRemo is something to keep in my personal arsenal of tools.


As you may suspect from the name, SupRemo's developers are located in Italy. The Windows version needs no installation (installation is optional)... could even work from a flash drive.


As you can see from the screen grabs, "it take two to tango". In other words, two devices, each running a copy of SupRemo, and each having a 9-digit number and a password, will be connected. The ID code and password, seen here, was automatically generated by SupRemo for my computer. The long number is supposed to remain valid for subsequent sessions, I believe. Yet, the password may change. With this version 4 edition, the developers have added an address book, to more quickly achieve linkages, to previously linked devices.


I did not register, or create a password for membership, and got this far in using the program. So, it should function well by simply pressing Connect after being granted a digital set of credentials. As long as you can enter the credentials for another device, sharing between them should work. However, it appears that an account is needed to make full use of a list of contacts, which is, perhaps, maintained on the company's servers.


System requirements:

Platform: Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS or Android

Version: 4.2.1

Price: Free for personal use

Language: English

Download Size: 8 MB

Installed Size: 8 MB


Download Site here.