Featured Software
December 14, 2020
by Dan Delong

Lacey - a free music and music video downloader

Although I listen less to music, now, than in the past, Lacey provided some pleasant surprises. Not only will it find mp3 audio files of many searchable artists, it will find up-loaded podcasts and videos of them.

I tried entering "Lightfoot" into the search box. From the list of sources, all containing the name "Lightfoot", including some remotely related to Gordon Lightfoot's music.



I selected several titles (up to ten at a time, with Ctrl-clicks).


The default sources appear to be only those for which no membership or registration is required. The list of optional sources is extensive.

Icons identify the various sources. Some appear to be Russian, and other places out of reach of copyright enforcement. I'm feeling guilt free, since I own many Gordon Lightfood CDs and LPs. Not all downloads (green when successful - blue in progress) proceeded without a hitch (shown by red bars). However, right clicking on the failed


downloads and choosing "Retry", often worked to bring down the file On a second try. Those that are videos are indicated by a red play button icon.

The default player on my Windows 10 laptop is Groove Music, which may have been installed during a Windows update. I like it just fine.

Since I ran the program from my Download folder, that is where Lacey created another folder with the same name, in which to stored all of the downloaded music and video files... all neatly contained in sensibly assigned folders.


System requirements:

Platform: Windows XP to Windows 10


Price: Free

Language: English and many others

Download Size: 20 MB

Installed Size: 22 MB


Download Site here.