Featured Software
September 19, 2020
by Dan Delong


Searching for files is the most common, often frustrating, thing I do. Native Windows Search is slow, and can consume a lot of RAM. CSearcher is faster because it is non-indexing. And, it can be fine tuned, to look for only files matching certain parameters, like files created between two dates, or within a limited file size, or only certain file types. The author claims greater accuracy as well.


In addition, CSearcher is always available from the right-click context menu, as long as you use the installer file, or go to Options to select "Register in Windows Explorer".

[Instead, I ran the program's executable from the extracted zip files folder, without installing it, or registering it.]


In the example search shown, I typed "Oshawa" (case sensitive). The Z:\ drive is actually not on my laptop, but is a Western Digital Home Drive, with 642 GB of stuff on it, connected wirelessly. CSearcher needed a little more time than expected for this kind of remote storage search.

Clicking on any of the above four folders in the Results field, takes you to the contents of that folder.


I noted a few other interesting, but untried features: - like those listed in the Edit menu, and choosing a hot key, and some import / export choices.

Certain groups of file types, based on the lists of patterns shown below, can be excluded from searches or added to searches, and these results can be inverted.


Command line instructions are listed in the Help menu, as captured in the image below.


System requirements:

Platform: All Windows from XP to Win10


Price: Free

Language: English

Download Size: 876 KB download for self-extracting installer; 987 KB download for zipped folder

Installed Size: 4.4 MB


Download Site here.

[Note: The .pt domain is located in Portugal.]