Meeting Date

June 08, 2023

Due to our regular meeting place being closed. This meeting will take place online using the ZOOM conference software.
To participate in this tele-conference meeting, you must load the latest zoom software on your device.
The meeting account is being supplied by ACPUG an umbrella organization to which our club is a member.

Getting the Most from your Internet Connection
Presented by Anne Delong

For many users, a good internet download speed isn't enough. Remote meetings, online gaming, internet music jamming, and collaborative audio and video projects, for example, require smooth, fast two-way communication for success.

The type of internet connection, local network configuration, as well as router and software settings can make a big difference. We'll talk about bandwidth, WiFi vs Ethernet, packet sizes, ping, QoS, audio and video latency, buffering, jitter, etc.

The Club's General Meetings are held the second Thursday of each month at Faith United Church, 1778 Nash Road in Courtice, 7:00 p.m. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Durham PC Users' Club Contacts:
Position Open - Program Director, 289-928-1579
Peter Camilleri - President, 289-928-1579
Anne Delong - Vice President 905-623-6975
David Odynski - Advertising Director, 905-576-6325