July 13, 2006

BartPE Windows bootable CD

John Sylvestervich, our program director will do a POWER POINT presentation on how to create your own custom BartPE Windows bootable CD or DVD.

You will see how to use this disk to salvage data, and repair Windows systems.

The software to make the disk along with a variety of plug ins will be available on CD at the meeting.

* BartPE is short for Bart's Preinstalled Environment

This information from PC World's download site " This free tool lets you create a bootable emergency disc customized for your PC. Short for Bart's Preinstalled Environment, BartPE copies the Windows files from your hard drive or Windows Installation CD and creates a bootable CD or DVD that you can then use to boot into Windows if your installation of Windows gets trashed. It installs a number of basic drivers, so your mouse, keyboard and many network adapters will work. With a little technical knowledge, you can add other drivers to the bootable CD.

BartPE also comes with a number of useful plugin programs for tasks such as virus scanning and CD burning. The latter feature lets you boot into Windows and copy files to a CD.

When I tried it on a test system, it worked perfectly, enabling me to boot into Windows from a CD, access my network and copy files. However, it won't help if you haven't built the boot disc before your system fails because the program that builds the bootable CD runs in Windows. The best advice is to run it now before your PC fails and store the disc it builds in a safe place."

BartPE Complete List of plugins.

The Club's General Meetings are held the second Thursday of each month at Faith United Church, 1778 Nash Road in Courtice, 7:00 p.m. Everyone is welcome to attend.

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