August 8, 2002

Alpha Five (Ver. 5) Data Base Presentation

The subject of this monthís presentation is Alpha Five, a DATA BASE program. Alpha Five uses an intuitive approach to building data base structures as well as the storing and accessing of data. John Gamble will be presenting Alpha Five from the usersí point of view.

John started work in the data processing industry in the 1960ís progressing through computer operations, programming, systems design and finally management. In the 1980ís he ventured out on his own and opened a locksmithing business. He has been active in the Association of Ontario Locksmiths, occupying various executive positions. John has utilized Alpha Five to create a specialized system for locksmiths & hardware suppliers.

Johnís presentation will utilize his experiences in this business to discuss the many aspect of data base design and usage.

Presentation Outline
Alpha Five (Ver. 5) Data Base

  1. Preparing the data to migrate to a data base (Data Normalization).

  2. Key features of Alpha Five from a non-programming perspective.
    1. Field rules
      1. - Define how data is input, related, calculated, stored and output.

      2. - Centralize the basic data rules you wish to enforce throughout.
    2. Action Scripting
      1. Ė 5 th generation (or perhaps 6 th) codeless design.
      2. - Choose what you want & let Alpha generate the necessary code.

      Very simple, very powerful. (new in Alpha Five).

  3. Form & Print design overview.

  4. Preview of sample system.

For additional information about Alpha Five, visit their web site.

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