July 11, 2002

Two palms up for Handspring's hotest handhelds: Treo 90 and Treo 270

Brian Jaquet, Handspring Corporate Communications Manager, will feature Handspring's newest members of the Treo family of handheld devices, the Treo 90 and 270, plus services for email and the web at the Durham Personal Computer Users' Club on Thursday, July 11 at 7:00 pm.

Get everything you need to stay organized in today's high-tech world with the Treo 90 organizer. It is light (4 ozs.), bright, and powerful (16 MB memory) - powerful enough to hold thousands of records, numerous Palm OS applications, even databases and documents. It comes equipped with a built-in keyboard, super-fast processor, SD expansion capabilities and is rechargeable too!

"Talk, organize and connect" yourself in today's fast-paced computer environment with the Treo 270 - a dual-band world phone, a Palm OS organizer, emailer and mobile web browser all rolled into one of the smallest handhelds available today. Web surfing is done via 'Blazer' - Handspring's award-winning web browser. Both Cingular Wireless and VoiceStream Wireless plans are available for this device.

HANDSPRING LOGO Handspring Corporation is based in Mountain View, California. For additional information, visit their web site. Power tools, plus accessories, are available on-line.

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