November 8, 2001

Media Nexus to demonstrate QuickLink Pen
to Durham PC Users' Club

Toronto, July 20, 2001:

James Crammond announced today that Media Nexus, Canadian distributor for Wizcom technologies had been invited to demonstrate the unique QuickLink Pen to the Durham PC Users' Club.

The demonstration will take place November 8,2001 at 7 PM in the auditorium of the McLaughlin Public Library, 65 Bagot Street, Oshawa. One lucky attendee will go home with a QuickLink Pen, courtesy of Media Nexus.

The QuickLink Pen is a hand-held electronic highlighter. The pen is lightweight and small enough to fit neatly into your purse or pocket, so you have the freedom to collect data anytime…anywhere. Information is captured into the pen and transferred in seconds, into your PC, palm pilot / PDA or IrDA text-enabled cellular phone. The QuickLink Pen is fully expandable and can be upgraded to include a barcode reading application, image capture for corporate logos or translation dictionaries for up to twelve different languages. The pen can be set to scan text in English, French or one of a number of different European languages.

NEXUS LOGO For further information:

508 Guelph Street
Norval, ON L0P 1K0
Phone (888)686-6626 Ext 23
Contact: James Crammond