September 13, 2001

What's a Computer Crime?

Durham Regional Police Computer Crime Unit Detective Constable John Bradley to Meet With Durham Personal Computer Users' Club

Oshawa, ON - August 14, 2001 - "...today just about any offence you can think of involves computers," says cybercop, John Bradley, "Today's computer is yesterday's telephone." The area of search gets larger and larger with expanding technology making solving computer crimes more challenging via a painstaking, labourious, needle-in-a-haystack process.

"What's A Computer Crime?" is the presentation topic of Detective Constable, John Bradley, for the Durham PC Users' Club, scheduled for 7 p.m., Thursday, September 13, in the Auditorium of the McLaughlin Library, 65 Bagot Street, Oshawa.

Detective Constable, John Bradley is Durham's first full-time member of the Durham Regional Police Computer Crime Unit. John's job is computer crime investigations including child pornography distribution, cyberstalking, hacking, virus spreading, counterfeiting, domestic-related offenses, threatening, thefts, sexual assault and homicide cases.

John will expand on what constitutes a computer crime; the investigative process - who's involved in it and how it is done; seizure of computer information - and what is done with it; following the criminal cybertrail to build a court case and catch the perpetrator(s); course of action if you get snagged in the web of cyber criminal activity (e.g. harassment, email targets); and misconceptions of the public about anonymity, etc.

John has been with the Durham Regional Police for 13 years, assigned this past year, to the Computer Crime Investigative Support Unit.

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Please visit the Durham Regional Police web site.
or Contact: Anne Keefer - President, Durham PC Users' Club 905-655-8013
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