December 14, 2000
Microsoft's Windows Me

Our guest, Mike Etzinger, Windows Me Marketing Associate will present Microsoft's new operating system to the Durham Personal Computer Users Club on Thursday, December 14, 2000 at 7:00 p.m.

Mike first started out in the Business Solutions Group at Microsoft, marketing E-commence & Net solutions in the LORG, SORG & MORG sectors. Prior to joining Microsoft, Mike worked at Ericsson with the Enterprise Sales Team as a Product & Sales Coordinator. He will bring valuable information to help our Club learn about Windows Me and how it will enhance our computers' abilities.

Windows Me is very user friendly & practically installs itself. Since its release to the General Public this past September, demand has been impressive. Some of the new features Microsoft has incorporated in Windows Me are: importing & editing your home movies, the ability to archive & index your favourite music, protect your critical files, reverting your computer back to a previous known state, improved Help & Support in Windows, using your computer to program your VCR & thermostat and more.

For more information about Microsoft's new Operating System, Windows Me, please contact their website.