September 14, 2000

Zero-Knowledge Systems to Demonstrate Internet Privacy Technology

Liliana Faillace Febres, Client Services Manager for Zero-Knowledge Systems, a leading provider of Internet privacy solutions, will demonstrate the award-winning Freedom privacy software.

Freedom is the only privacy system that empowers Internet users to surf the Web, send email, chat and post to newsgroups in total privacy without having to trust third parties with their personal information. Freedom users create multiple digital identities called "nyms" to which their online activities are associated. All data packets Freedom users send are encrypted and routed through a global privacy infrastructure called the Freedom Network, which is hosted by ISPs and independent server operators.

Founded in 1997, Zero-Knowledge has attracted a world class team of scientists, network architects, cryptographers, educators and activists to its headquarters in Montreal. Zero-Knowledge creates simple, easy-to-use software and services that integrate advanced mathematics, cryptography and source code: the most reliable way to ensure Internet privacy and security.

The company believes everyone has the right to secure and private computer communications and that individuals can enforce the ethical use of their personal information by withholding or withdrawing it from privacy abusers.

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