August 10, 2000

Anthony Santen, of CanHost providing information on web hosting and related services

Guest speaker Anthony Santen, Technical Director & Representative of CanHost will be providing information on web hosting and related services at the Durham PC Users' Club on August 10, 2000 at 7:00 PM. We will be back in the auditorium of the Robert McLaughlin Public Library, 65 Bagot St., Oshawa.

Anthony Santen, aged 34, co-ordinates the technical, strategic & marketing operations of CanHost from their Bowmanville office. An intelligent person who knows his "stuff" & a driving force promoting CanHost ahead of the competition! Anthony had evolved from a PC Support Specialist 12 years ago to a successful Network Specialist and has established himself designing networks for major retailers & various municipalities via Internet Presence Providers.

CanHost helps various businesses establish an internet presence by centering on the clients needs, allowing them to focus on communicating the message rather than the technical background. A major aspect of Canhost's service is providing security & change control. Ultimately, the customer benefits from this via "server availability". CanHost prides itself in doing a better & more cost effective job.