November 4, 1999

"Hackers actually improve Internet security."

Durham PC Users' Club welcomes local networking and computer consultant Louis Bertrand of Bertrand Technical Services. He will address the Durham PC Users' Club on how hackers operate, and why they are essential to improving Internet security. The meeting will be held on Thursday November 4 (Please note the new date!) at the Oshawa Public Library 65 Bagot Street Oshawa, Ontario at 7:00 PM.

Contrary to what you read in the newspaper, most hackers care more about making sure things work right than about breaking into servers and defacing web sites. They improve network security by exposing software flaws that vendors are reluctant to discuss and slow to patch. Mr.Bertrand will give a glimpse into the "white hats vs. black hats" world of Internet security, and what you need to do to become a hacker and join the fray.

Louis Bertrand is a local UNIX and networking consultant specialising in networking, firewalls and disaster recovery planning. He is a volunteer on the OpenBSD project, a free UNIX-like operating system designed for security and reliability. Mr. Bertrand also teaches part-time in the Technology program at Durham College.


Mr. Bertrand can be contacted at email: info@bertrandtecb.on.ca