October 14, 1999

DynaCOP & DynaCADD8

DynaCOP is the new drawing application from Ditek Software specifically designed to simplify the creation of crime or accident scene sketches. In DynaCOP the drawing process is simple and fast. First, select a template. Next, use the easy and intuitive drawing commands to add base items: walls, sidewalks, streets, buildings, etc. Then, quickly complete the sketch by inserting pre-drawn figures: cars, trucks, people, weapons, plants, furniture. Direct symbol insertion is fast, reduces repetition, and allows you to concentrate on the facts not the software.

Founded in 1985, Ditek was primarily an R&D company focused on the development of computer graphics software. The original DynaCADD ran on the best graphics platforms in that market-the Atari and Commodore Amiga systems. In 1992, Ditek again went into the R&D mode and built the next generation CAD product: DynaCADD for Windows 95/NT.

DynaCADD 98, the latest version of technically advanced CADD software from Ditek Software Corp. tears down the barriers between applications, as it is fully interoperable with read/write capabilities to and from many file formats including DWGIDXF. It also reads 3D geometry from 3D Studio, Pro-E, Alias Triangle, and Wavefront. Developed for the professional CAD designer, who requires a powerful, easy to use, value priced, out-of-the-box design solution, DynaCADD 98 offers robust 32 bit 2D/3D functionality, 16 bit color Raster image support, Digitizer support, Paper Space I Model Space Support, and photo-realistic rendering capabilities. It allows accurate input, creation, manipulation, viewing and output of precise, customized drawings with an amazingly powerful suite of tools.

On the 14th of October 1999, Mike Rumble, product manager for the application DynaCOP, based on the DynaCADD engine for Crime and Traffic scene mapping, will be speaking to the Durham PC users' group about DynaCADD98. Ditek Software Corp. has offered DynaCADD98 to members of the Durham PC users group at 10% of the regular price. Regular pricing for DynaCADD98 is $300.00 CDN. For this engagement only DynaCADD98 will be offered at $30.00 CDN. to Durham PC Users group members only with a limit of 2 copies per member. This offer will be available the night of the 14th of October 1999 only. Please confirm your order with Bob Kerr ahead of time, as Mike Rumble will bring the units of DynaCADD98 with him.

Mike Rumble joined Ditek Software Corp. in 1997 as a sales representative. Mike came to Ditek Software Corp. with a background in analytical instruments and entrepreneurship. Since then he has risen through the ranks to product manager of DynaCOP. DynaCOP is a product geared to the Law Enforcement Professional for crime and traffic scene mapping. A recent partnership with Laser Technology Inc., a manufacturer of laser range finders, has yielded the ability to offer a complete solution from measurement to hard copy output for the mapping of crime and traffic scenes.