August 12, 1999


Toronto, ON - July 19, 1999: LOOK Communications Inc. representative Dan Rose will speak to members of the Durham PC Users' Club on August 12th about the advantages of LOOK's new wireless, digital broadcast and Internet services.

Introduced in Ontario and Quebec last year, LOOK is a Multi-point Distribution Service (MDS) that broadcasts its signals from distribution towers in its coverage areas. LOOK's broadcast service delivers superior quality, competitive pricing and true customer programmming choice through fully customized channel packages. LOOK's Ultrafast Internet service is the first commercial high-speed digital wirelesss Internet service in Canada. The service downloads information up to 100 times faster than a regular telephone modem, receiving graphics, videos and large files in seconds instead of minutes.

LOOK Communications Inc. (and the LOOK trademark) is a new competitor in the broadcasting industry. The Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) awarded LOOK Communications a broadcast distribution license for Southern Ontario in August 1997 and for Eastern Ontario and Quebec in February 1998. LOOK Communications is a Canadian company whose principal shareholders are Telesystem Ltd., Teleglobe Inc., CTV Inc., Covington Wireless Communications (Ontario) Ltd., G.T.C. Transcontinental Groupt Ltd., QuebecTel Group Inc., Bourgie Capital, Novanet Communications and the Laurem Group. In May 1999, LOOK Communications and I.D. Internet Direct (VSE : IDX), Canada's largest independent Internet service provider, announced they had signed a term sheet to amalgamate their operations, which will be completed in the next two months.