January 14, 1999

David B. Whittle from MGI Software

David B. Whittle representing MGI Software, will present MGI PhotoSuite II and MGI VideoWave programs to the members at the general meeting.

Industry experts have declared digital photography to be the next big thing. Durham Personal Computer Users' Club will host David B. Whittle representing MGI Software at our January 14, 1999 meeting.

MGI Software, the market leader in photo and video editing software, will be featuring two award-winning products presented by David B. Whittle, "one of America's most original technological thinkers."

Are you interested in digital photography or digital video but didn't think you could afford it? Two best-selling products from MGI Software, MGI PhotoSuite II and MGI VideoWave, give you an astounding array of options when it comes to your photos and videos.

The award-winning MGI PhotoSuite II (PC Computing MVP and PC Magazine Technical Excellence Award Finalist) is your complete PC photography solution--it's the fastest, easiest way to capture, touch up, transform, organize, create, show, and share your photos. Enjoy a creative freedom you've never had before. Turn your photos into greeting cards, personal calendars, postcards, invitations, certificates, web pages, collages, family letters, business cards, report covers, posters, magazine covers, sports cards, ads, and much, much more. Share them with others via email or on the Internet. MGI PhotoSuite II makes it possible in a way that's not only productive, but fun.

And with MGI VideoWave, winner of TWO PC Magazine Editor's Choice awards, you can now turn your computer into a personal video studio. With an inexpensive video capture adapter, you can convert videos from your camcorder tapes or videotapes into files on your hard disk, while MGI VideoWave lets you quickly and easily capture, edit and produce videos on your computer. Aimed at the non-technical, general business and home user, MGI VideoWave takes a fresh approach to video production by eliminating the traditional timeline interface used by other products. Find out more about how MGI Software is changing the way you picture the world by attending our next user group meeting.

The guest presenter will be internationally noted author David B. Whittle, speaking on behalf of MGI Software. A proponent of personal computing and computer-mediated communications for over 16 years, Dave has also been involved with user groups since 1979.

You will come away from this meeting entertained and informed. Dave will provide time for an open Q&A period and will bring valuable door prizes, informative handouts, and a special user group price for those wishing to purchase this outstanding product at the meeting. See you then!