December 10, 1998

December Presentation

Melanie Plewes and Scott Jackson will bring greetings from Microsoft and demonstrate World War II Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator in their helmets and goggles. You'll learn how to fly a Spitfire Mark I and Messerschmitt Me 109 E in the Battle of Britain and the Battle over Europe along with the six other fighters in the program. If you're quiet and don't create a commotion, they may then show you a new add-on to the Age of Empires game, a best seller in 1997. The nice people will get a special treat with an inside look at Motocross Madness, a 3-D motorbike racing game. Bring your Valium for this one.

Melanie is a product marketer for the Interactive Media Group with previous background experience at H.J. Heinz of Canada and Janssen Ortho Pharmaceuticals.

Scott is with Microsoft's Desktop Applications Division where he specializes in Microsoft Office applications.

You know what Microsoft usually brings with them to our meetings, don't you? You won't win any unless you're there!