July 9, 1998

Gene Barlow

The July presentation will be by Gene Barlow from the PowerQuest Corporation, which produces PartionMagic. Gene, the Director of User Group Relations, has worked with user groups for over 18 years. He has been the president of an Apple users' group in California, and later the vice president of a PC users' group. He later moved to Florida to manage IBM's User Group Support program until 1996 when he retired and joined PowerQuest as their key user group person.

Gene will introduce two new products, Guardian Angel and Drive Image 2.0, which we understand are 'must haves' for your computer.

The biography from PowerQuest tells us that Gene's power packed presentations include lots of information on operating a computer. He is also bringing handouts, a big load of door prizes, and a generous pricing offer on the programs. This is the presentation of the year!