June 11, 1998

Martin Harris of Microsoft

At considerable expense, we are fortunate to have Martin Harris of Microsoft bring another outstanding presentation to Oshawa that will leave you spellbound.

We are expecting a standing room only crowd, so there will be no reserved seating for this meeting. Neither will there will be closed circuit TV or remote loudspeakers for the overflow audience outside.

It is possible members will start lining up sometime Wednesday afternoon, prepared to camp by the doors to ensure getting in. It is hoped they will not impede regular patrons of the Arts Resource Center. Our advice is that you should arrive early to avoid disappointment.

Members bringing trucks to take away the fabulous Microsoft door prizes are asked to park them down the street to leave room for charter buses. The loot can be picked up at the loading dock at the rear of the building after the meeting.

Please be aware, this is not the laser and fireworks show, but an information packed session for experts like ourselves