Featured Software
March 2020
by Dan Delong

Stickies - Desktop Notes Plus

Useful desktop sticky notes programs have been around for a long time.

Stickies does more. In addition to the usual unique background / paper colours, fonts and sizes, these Stickies can be quickly hidden, or unhidden, or they can be told to pop-up on a specified date / time.

Stickies store text and images, and will expand in size to accomodate content. An image editor is provided, with, among its options, a text tool.

Notes can also be emailed or transferred to another computer on the local network. Stickies can be made to appear only alonside specific opened application windows.

Deleted notes are findable as well, as all activity is stored in a single SQLITE database file. [Use the SSIT - Stickies Selective Impor Tool - to find them.]

Choose from a multiple of skins, or make your own with the Stickies Skinner.

Stickies are especially useful for journalists and those of a certain age who required reminders.

[Screen shots, showing the program in use and the menuing system, are fully covered on the download page for this program. Help is only an F1 key press away!]


System requirements:

Platform: Windows 7, 8, 10

Version: 10.0d

Price: Free

Language: English, Dutch, French, Romanian

Download Size: 2.8 MB

Installed Size: 477.2 MB


Download Site Here.