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November 2019
by Dan Delong

XMedia Recode

XMedia Recode

Touted as the Swiss Army Knife of recoders, XMedia Recode not only transforms video and audio to other formats, it will suggest a format most suitable for various destination devices.

XMedia Recode will also load and recode DVDs and Blu-Rays.

XMedia Recode

On my older Windows 10 laptop, the process was not much faster than the time needed for the original video to play. If you are looking for speed, try a commercial recoder. (Movavi is fast.)

XMedia Recode

XMedia Recode


Before recoding, should you worry about storage space, XMedia offers to show the space needed with its bitrate calculator, under Options. [See below.] The green line shows how much space has already been used on my 1TB storage location (C:). The recoded file will need about 200 MB.

XMedia Recode

System requirements:

Platform: Windows 7 to Windows 10

Version: v3.4.8.6

Price: Free

Language: English and Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Czech, Dutch, German, Greek, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Polish, Russian

Download Size: 14.3 MB

Installed Size: 62.3 MB


Download Site here