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March 2019
by Dan Delong

Splash - Video Player, Upscaler, Fixer, etc.

Splash - Video Player

Videos from phones, camcorders, and screen captures are now more prevelant than ever, since storage space is now easier to come by. Also, users often wish to improve the visual quality of videos by upscaling and changing paramaters for colour, lighting, sound, and speed. Splash is free. It can make such changes, even when using older hardware.

In the words of the developers:

  • Open your High Definition video files in less than 1 second!
  • Watch HD videos like never before - smooth motion, crisp details and vivid colors
  • Find specific movie scenes without interrupting video playback with SmartSeek function.
  • Stylish, user friendly, innovative and incredibly responsive user interface.
  • Full AVCHD format playback support.
  • Built-in ultra fast audio and video decoders supporting playback of all major HD formats.
  • Convert and watch all your HD movies and camcorder clips, incredibly fast, smooth and without problems.
  • Fast export to YouTube and Facebook!

Splash will not shorten, cut, or move sections of a video. There are other free programs capable of these functions.

Splash can import and export to the latest video standards without the need to download a Codec Pak.

Although users will not see some of the video improvements until actually exporting the new updated version, here are some of the latent changes possible:

  • Advanced Deinterlacing
  • 1080i to 1080p conversion
  • Light Boost
  • Detail Boost
  • Motion2 - 20/24/25/30p to 60p conversion
  • Motion2 ULTRA 1080p
  • Demo Mode
To read a full set of features, visit the download site.

Splash - Video Player

Picture 1 Poor quality 320x240 video in Demo mode (split screen)... However, changes not very visible yet.

I found the Demo mode to be less than helpful, as the changes made to Detail, Lighting, Motion... were not evident as typical split screen... as side by side comparisons. The vertical bar cannot be moved.

Splash - Video Player

Splash - Video Player

DSplash - Video Player

Splash - Video Player

Picture 2 Exported version is a little better. Splash works best with higher resolution examples. I did not attemt an export to 1080p.

Exports end up in the Video Library.

System requirements:

Platform: Win Vista, 7, 8, 10

Version: 2.6.2

Price: Free - donor ware

Language: English, and many others

Download Size: 39 MB 32-bit

Installed Size: 250 MB


Download Site here