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March 2019
by Dan Delong

Directory Print OK

Directory Print OK

This latest version (3.11 February, 2018) of this program has been updated in anticiapation of changes planned for the latest build of Win10. DirPrintOK still works on all earlier versions of Windows, and includes a portable version.

The title is a little misleading, in that printing is not required, although it will send the same in-formation you see on a screen tree-directory view, to both a printer and to various file formats. It can send the contents of a tree directory to an html file, or to a spreadsheet file. Since each file in a directory may be nested and may contain up to 30 attributes (text fields), DirPrintOK can lay this information out in formats that are easily viewed and that will save on paper, if printing occurs. And, should you not want all file names to appear, use search with a filter option first. Columns can also be added or taken away.

Probably the easiest way to use the program, and to avoid installation (an annoyance with Win10), just place the portable version on the desktop, or a USB key. Double clicking on the filename will initiate the program.

Directory Print OK

The HTML format does not create active hyperlinks, such that clicking on a file will open it with the associated program. This feature would be extremely useful when creating photo CDs, containing filenames suggestive of the content of each image. I found the character limitation on filenames that are written to DVD/CD formats to be quite limiting, compared to the older FAT32 limit of 256 characters for a hard drive. But, having an HTML file on the CD or DVD, with full filenames that click through to the actual, truncated, file that is located on the disk, would be great.

System requirements:

Platform: Win XP, Vista,7, 8, 10

Version: 3.11

Price: Free - donor ware

Language: English, and many others

Download Size: 525 KB for the portable 32-bit version
and 643 KB for the portable 64-bit version

Installed Size: 16.4 MB for portable no-install version (runs directly with a double click on the executable's filename)


Download Site here