Featured Software
December 2018
by Dan Delong


This program will find similar images, whether they be rotated, flipped, resized, cropped, or negative images. The percentage of similarity may range from 100 %, to a low of 55 % (maybe lower). Once finished scanning the selected folders (comparing all photos in one folder, or doing a folder to other folder comparison), preview images of matches are presented so you can decide what to do with them. You can copy / move / delete individually, or in groups of those selected with check boxes.



Clicking the Start button, begins the scan, after you have selected a folder, and optionally added some other folders that hold photos. If you have not changed the default settings, the program looks only for correctly oriented images (that have not been rotated, flipped, or appear as positives vs. negatives).


When I changed the rotation option from No to Yes, the scan did not take much longer, and did find some rotated images.

Here are my stats: - 42 GB in the photos folder on my older laptop, contained 14,000 files, took about 15 minutes to do 402,116,440 comparisons (with rotation find turned on to Yes), and found 8870 similarities.

Path 1 and Path 2 might be confusing, until you realize these terms just refer to the location of the filename of the two photos, whether they are in the same folder or different folders.


System requirements:

Platform: WinXP and higher

Version: 1.37 December 2018 (32-bit, 64-bit, and portable versions)

Price: Free

Language: German, English, and many more

Download Size: 808 KB to 1005 KB

Installed Size: 1877 KB


Download Site here.