Featured Software
August 2018
by Dan Delong

Your Phone App - Android phone sharing with latest Win10

When the majority of today's smart phones are either Android or iOS, Microsoft wants to find a way to allow, not just it's own Win10 phones, but all phones, the ability to move files between PC and phone in both directions... in other words, to attain a level of synchronization between devices.

Your Phone App

As it stands now, the Your Phone App, works well with Android phones. Apple products may do the same, when certain proprietary iOS features are opened up by Apple. So far, web page sharing does work on iPhones.

Your Phone uses only WiFi on a local network, and not Bluetooth. The computer may keep a limited cache of data.

Incoming messages on your phone, will appear on your Win10 computer screen. If the message has an attachment, it can be dragged into an Office App, or into storage on the computer. Files can also be moved from the computer to the phone. Should a photo be taken by the phone, it can optionally appear instantly on the computer. The same goes for a web page being viewed on the phone. I tried it, and it works.

The Your Phone App must first be installed on the computer, using the Microsoft Account attached to that computer. (This caused some confusion, as I have several accounts on the phone.) After installation, the app will send an email invitation to the phone (number), using that account. Read that email and follow instructions to let further software be installed on the Android phone.

From Microsoft: - Snap a pic on your phone, see it on your computer. With Your Phone app, get instant access to your Android phone's photos, right on your computer. Finally, you can stop emailing yourself photos. Need to add a photo to your presentation? Want to spruce up that selfie? Just drag and drop. You must link your Android phone to your computer in Windows Settings or through Your Phone app. You will receive an app from Microsoft which you must download to your mobile phone and follow the setup prompts. Requires Android 7.0+.

It might be wise to re-start both the computer and the phone, to make sure the new apps take hold. Since my Win10 computer does not use native OFFICE apps, or Outlook, only Edge web page sharing was made available to me. Otherwise, I'd see notifications for e-mail and photos on the computer screen, and be able to deal with any needed edits, without touching the phone.

System requirements:

Platform: Win10 Spring 2018 update, and Android 7 or better

Version: August 2018

Price: Free

Language: English

Download Size: 1.3 MB

Installed Size: ???


Download Site here, or in the Store.