Featured Software
June 2018
by Dan Delong

BurnAware - CD / DVD / BlueRay Disc Burning

I have long used InfraRecorder for burning CD / DVD discs, as the interface is quite easy to understand. Fred Fernbach recommends CDBurnerXP, another great burner that now handles Blu-Ray discs and prepares print covers.

BurnAware is one more, free, burner, with Blu-Ray capability, disk spanning, verification and audio ripping (with CD text preparation).

Direct disc to disc copying (i.e.; cloning) requires the Premium version, costing about $ 28 CDN.


Installation was fast and easy on either a Win10 laptop or a Win7 laptop. Curiously, downloading from a BurnAware (mirror) provides both a larger installer (8.5 MB) and a larger final installed file (33.7 MB).

Downloading from Snapfiles gets a smaller installer (7.7 MB), which also creates a smaller installed file (32.8 MB). I would tend to trust the Snapfiles version more, as both installs report the same version and date of compilation

The mirror site may have added crypto-currency mining code or some extra (possibly dangerous) code. I'll probably uninstall the BurnAware (mirror) downloaded version, just to be on the safe side.

System requirements:

Platform: XP, Vista, Win 7, 8, 10 - includes 64 bit

Version: 11.3

Price: Free (more features in premium and pro versions)

Language: English, and others

Download Size: 7.7 MB

Installed Size: 32.8 MB


Download Site: here.