Featured Software
June 2018
by Dan Delong

KVYcam - ways to use your web cam

[Although free, this program has a few drawbacks - 1) it shows ads in the GUI, by default, which can be turned off, 2) the Win10 Anniversary update, and using Edge, causes the OS to refuse camera access to other programs like this one; a solution is provided, 3) the programme author has discovered other download sites that have inserted unauthorized code into his software, hence a recommendation to download only from the official site.]

The author refers to his software as a virtual camera for video splitting, which can:

  • Record (MP4) to the hard drive or other storage device, with or without sound.
  • Pick the video source, web cam, desktop, or tv tuner and share it with other programs (i.e.; video splitting).
  • Include the web cam video (or captured stills) as a pic-in-pic, along with the desktop (for sharing on Skype, for example).
  • Zoom in on the frame and set a capture area.
  • Resize the pic-in-pic coverage area


Figure 1 Screen capture by the author with top banner hide-able; it is not included in the video output, only the GUI.

Changing the Frame rate or Resolution to a higher value will increase CPU load. For example, I changed the frame rate from 25fps to 30fps, causing an increase in processing from 4% to 14%. More powerful computers can easily handle higher settings, without straining the system. However, if processing stays at 85%, perhaps the settings should be lowered.

Picture in picture video from two web cams worked well, but while capturing an area of the screen from a desktop playing from YouTube video, picture in picture is not available.


Not only is KVYcam useful for online conferencing and recording for post editing, I may try it with streaming software as well.

System requirements:

Platform: XP, Vista, Win7, 8, 10

Version:, as of June 2018

Price: Free (donor ware)

Language: English, Russian, Portuguese and German

Download Size: 38.5 MB

Installed Size: 104.7 MB


Download Site: here.