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January 2018
by Dan Delong

Scan Transfer - to PC from phones on Wi-Fi

Scan Transfer

Moving photos and videos from smart phone to computer usually involves a transfer cable. Scan Transfer eliminates the need for a cable, or an intermediate Cloud or cloud-like storage location. Selected photos and videos will simply move to a new computer folder called, "Transferred Files", because the program starts up a local web server on the computer, and uses a web browser to wirelessly make the 'moves'. All is done on your home network. Nothing leaves the local network.

Scan Transfer

A further requirement... your phone must have a QR code reader. (The latest Firefox 'claims' to have a built-in QR code reader) Facebook and Twitter also.

Scan Transfer

Now, it's a little more complicated that that, for when I tried to activate the Facebook QR code reader, Facebook wanted immediate access to all media and media devices on the phone, something I did not allow it to access before. I assume the Twitter app would behave similarly. I did not use either app to make transfers.

NOTE: The computer and the phone must be on the same wireless network. I mistakenly tried to make transfers while each device was on a different home SSID. I made sure both devices were connected to the same 5 Ghz signal, before attempting further transfers.

Scan Transfer

I downloaded QRDroid, which also needs access to such areas, but it doesn't run all the time. A local web server was recognized by the QR code reader. I clicked on the web server http: address to be offered several browsers apps on my phone. First, I selected Firefox, but was not offered a view of my phone's photos, only the use of the camera in real-time. I tried Chrome, and it was successful only in making use of the camera apps to take photos and video on the spot and transfer them. Opera Mini looked promising at first, but would not open the folders shown to contain images. Finally, I used Edge. It allowed access and transfer of selected photos from my Google Photos folder, as well as photos stored on pCloud and various One Drives. So, if you don't mind letting Facebook and Twitter handle the code reading and media access, then that's the way to go. Perhaps other code readers, other than QRDroid, may have been better choices, but I still have my transfer cable on hand.

Where is this QR code? It is on the computer screen when Scan Transfer runs, and it also offers to keep the files in their original uncompressed format, or downloaded as jpeg (which most phone photos are already).

Scan Transfer

Android phones can transfer other types of files, while Apple phones are limited to photos and videos. However, multiple phones can simultaneously transfer files and your phone does not require installation of an app.

System requirements:

Platform: XP, Vista, Win 7, 8, 10 or later (32 / 64 bit) and at least an Android Chrome 59 or iOS 9.0 phone

Version: 1.0 January 2018

Price: Free

Language: English, French, German and 10+ Languages

Download Size: 28 MB (portable) and 20 MB (installer version) zip

Installed Size: 647 MB


Download Site: here.