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December 2017
by Dan Delong

Alternate Tools - 50+ free programs

Alternate Tools

Rather than choose a single useful program, this article references a web site with lots of downloads, for Windows, Linux, Android and PDAs. Often, two versions of the same title are offered - one installable (listed in programs and the registry) and the other as portable (on a flash drive).

The first programme in the list, "Chord", for example, teaches guitare chords and their associated scales, along with MIDI integration.

The name of the second program, "Dictionary" is misleading, for it is much more than a dictionary. This program is an editable bank of translation terms between languages: English - French - Danish - German - Italian.

Further down the list, "WebKit Lite" is a template based website builder, with templates, and pre-made pages for a Contact form, Guest Book, Input form, Picture Gallery, and Search box.

"Pic View ExeSlide" make self-running, augmented, slide shows in a variety of formats: EXE, SCR, GIF, SWF, AVI.

Here are some screen shots of program titles:

Alternate Tools

Some programs conveniently integrate several related titles together. Most contain a caution... "Use at own risk" but also "guarantee" that no adware or malware is included in these files. As with most sites we visit these days, this site also uses cookies.

System requirements:

Platform: Windows, some for Linux and Android, plus a few for PDA

Version: all updated since August 2017 or later

Price: Free

Language: German, English, and several others, depending on the choice of program

Download Size: varies

Installed Size: varies


Download Site: here.