Featured Software
August 2017
by Dan Delong

Path Copy Copy

Path Copy Copy was recently updated to redesign the Settings menu. Once installed, the program reveals itself only in the right-click context menu, as an added item called, "Path copy", which offers to place a variety of commonly desired versions of the paths to any file, even those you plan on putting on the Web at some point (handy for web page coders who write code unassisted by WYSIWUG software). The path to the file / folder will be a text string, placed in the copy buffer.

Path Copy

Here are some example paths to the older version 13, of Path Copy Copy, on my computer.

  • Long Parent Folder path
  • C:\Users\Dan\Downloads\Path_Copy_13 and 14
  • Long Path:
  • C:\Users\Dan\Downloads\Path_Copy_13 and 14\PathCopyCopy13.0.exe
  • Long Name:
  • PathCopyCopy13.0.exe
  • Long UNC Path:
  • \\dan-hp\Users\Dan\Downloads\Path_Copy_13 and 14\PathCopyCopy13.0.exe
  • Long UNC Parent Folder:
  • \\dan-hp\Users\Dan\Downloads\Path_Copy_13 and 14
  • Internet Path (but as local file):
  • file://dan-hp/Users/Dan/Downloads/Path_Copy_13%20and%2014/PathCopyCopy13.0.exe

Path Copy

Path Copy

System requirements:

Platform: Windows XP and newer

Version: 14.0 as of July 2017

Price: Free

Language: English and others

Download Size: 1300 KB

Installed Size: about the same


Download Site: here.