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January 2017
by Dan Delong

Should I Remove It?

Should I Remove It?

Figure 1 Initial installation screen

After a long while, software, whether installed intentionally or not, needs to be reviewed as to suitability. Should I Remove It?, is a free program for doing just that, with the aid of advice from other experienced users and some Windows pros. They have provided feedback about specific software installations. That information may include author of the program, date distributed, file size, installed location, and associated files, along with a one-click, uninstall button. A World map shows where, geographically, the program has been most often installed.

One slightly annoying feature of "Should I Remove It?" is the "in-your-face" presentation of other software titles, as suggested downloads, on most web pages associated with this program. The screen ad below is one such suggestion. (I did not download and evaluate any of them, although the message appears alarming and urgent.)

Should I Remove It?

Figure 2 Just an ad for a different program - nothing to do with Should I Remove It?

Should I Remove It?

Figure 3 All programs in green are okay to keep; you may ignore the software suggestions in the bottom boxes.

This program will not run in the background (consuming resources) unless you ask it to stay active and watch for attempts to install software without permission. The correct setting for this is, "Enable program alert notification".

Each software title in the list is rated as to value to other users, and also as the percentage of users who decided to uninstall that title. Before you decide to uninstall a program, just click on the name of the software to find out more... the "What is It?" selection. You will be sent to a web page created by "Should I Remove It?", which contains the aforementioned details and commentary by members.

Here is some sage advice from the authors: - When using the software, to get detailed information about a program, which we strongly encourage before removing it, click the program row then click the 'What Is It?' button to launch the Should I Remove It? website with complete details about the program. Just because a lot of users have decided to remove a program does not necessarily mean you should. Please know what you are removing before you do so, this is especially true for drivers and such.

Should I Remove It?

Reminder: - After installation, a web page may open suggesting you download other utility software. Just skip down the page to content related to using Should I Remove It?.

The program is easy to remove completely through Add or Remove Programs.

System requirements:

Platform: Windows all (needs .NET 3.5 for Windows 8)

Version: (April 2015)

Price: Free

Language: English

Download Size: 2.1 MB

Installed Size: 3.0 MB


Download Site: here.